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Own a Piece of History
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November 9, 2019 -- the 30th Anniversary of the Opening of the Berlin Wall

Medium  Sized  Pieces  of  the  Berlin Wall
Mounted on a Walnut Plaque with a Brass Nameplate
The Ultimate Historic Collectors Item
Mounted on a 5" by 3-3/4" walnut base
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Typically $$250 and up plus shipping (US $)
Credit Cards and Paypal accepted

See the main page for standard $95.00 size pieces as well as large pieces.
See photos and prices for
Large Pieces

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Sample Pieces - More Medium Pieces to be Listed Soon


midsize1.jpg (1556592 bytes)

midsize2.jpg (1814083 bytes)


#1 This is an interestingly shaped piece. The thin edge closest to the brass name plate is the outer surface. Very attractive. Shaped just a bit like Ireland, perhaps?

#2  Larger than the standard-sized pieces, this one is from the surface, though without paint.

midsize3.jpg (1479402 bytes) midsize4.jpg (1287690 bytes)
#3  A very nice piece of the Wall from the interior.

#4  Battered black graffiti paint highlights this large and interesting piece.

midsize5.jpg (1578022 bytes) midsize6.jpg (1494462 bytes)
#5  This surface piece has white graffiti paint and has a very nice shape.
#6  A long piece with black paint.  It's almost too large for this size base!

More Medium Pieces to be Listed Soon

E-mail for more information and photos

These pieces of the Berlin Wall are larger than the standard-size pieces.  Each is mounted on a 5" by 3-3/4" walnut base.

Paypal Accepted

Brass Plaque on Berlin Wall - 1961-1989
Solid Brass Engraved Plaque on all Pieces Reads:
Berlin Wall  1961-1989

Berlin Wall for Sale - Certificate of Authenticity
Each Piece of Berlin Wall Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity

Celebrate the victory of freedom over Communist tyranny with a genuine piece of Berlin Wall, mounted on a walnut plaque with a brass nameplate and a numbered certificate of authenticity.  Give a gift which will be treasured  for life--Berlin Wall makes a great gift for any occasion including Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate recognition, or that special 'thank you'!  Businesses will find this a truly special gift for clients and suppliers as well as for exhibit on desks and in reception rooms.

  Paypal/Credit Cards accepted (extra charges apply)

  Contact today to order!  

The potent symbol of Communist tyranny became the site of celebration on November 9, 1989, as the wall opened for the first time since 1961.  Freedom wins!  Now you can own a piece of true history -- the Berlin Wall.

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